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In today's post we answer your frequently asked questions on hyaluronic acid, the hero holy grail ingredient in our Super Hydrator hyaluronic acid serum and why you need to have this ingredient as part of your skincare regimen


What is hyaluronic acid and how will it help my skin?

The word “acid” in hyaluronic acid may sound like a nasty skin-burning chemical but it actually is a lightweight yet incredibly powerful skin humectant that keeps your skin moisturised all day long. 

It is a chemical found naturally in our bodies so it is an ingredient that is highly compatible for our skin. 

Hyaluronic acid effectively hydrates your skin by holding and retaining water to your skin’s outer layers. It plumps your skin instantly for silky, soft and smooth skin appearance.


What skin concerns are hyaluronic acid ideal for?

As we age, our skin loses its ability to maintain moisture so that plump, youthful glow diminishes. A hyaluronic acid serum is ideal for not only dry, sensitive skin, but also mature skin due to the loss of skin's natural moisture levels as we age. 

Hyaluronic acid can visibly improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as it helps renew plumpness, elasticity, and firmness in skin. 

Anyone who works long hours in air-conditioned offices, exposed often to air pollution, and cold drying weather climates can also benefit from a hyaluronic acid serum. 


Can i use a hyaluronic acid serum if i have oily skin?

Absolutely. Many times we see oily skin concerns often caused by dehydration and overwashing. You can still have oily skin and still be severly dehydrated. 

Unlike other moisturising ingredients, hyaluronic acid is incredibly lightweight so if you have oily skin, it can really help maintain hydration without heaviness.



Can i use a hyaluronic acid serum if i have sensitive skin? 

Hyaluronic acid itself is a completely safe and hard-working gentle ingredient - if you have sensitive skin and really dry skin, you will really love it - it actually can help calm skin.

Be sure to check the other added ingredients in your hyaluronic acid product such as synthetic preservatives which can irritate your skin. 

Super Hydrator is preserved with a natural, ECOCert approved preservative that has mild to no irritation potential, making it completely suitable for sensitive and irritated skin. 


How do I use a hyaluronic acid serum?

Hyaluronic acid is an ideal ingredient for applying over damp skin so that it can draw water into your skin to leave it intensely hydrated. It is really important that it is sealed with a finishing moisturising cream or facial oil to maximise its effectiveness.

As it is a lightweight watery fluid, it is important to apply BEFORE your heavier oils and creams.

We love that a hyaluronic acid serum like Super Hydrator is super compatible and work alongside any other skincare products like retinols, vitamin serums etc. 


How often should I use a hyaluronic acid serum?

The best is to apply once in the morning, and one in the evening - every single day if you can as part of your daily skincare regimen.


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