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Do You Want to Minimise Your Pores? These How To Tips Can Help!

Do You Want to Minimise Your Pores? These How To Tips Can Help!

For many of us, when we are young our pores are barely visible at all. That’s because pores appear less obvious when our skin is well hydrated, plump and smooth and clear, but as skin naturally ages it tends to become more loose, which impacts the appearance of pores. 

Drier skin and oily/acne prone skin tends to also be prone to more prominent pores. If you’d like to learn more about pores and what you can do to minimise their appearance, keep reading below:



  1. Pores are the opening of tiny facial hair follicles on our face and body
  1. They enlarge if you have high sebum excretion (common in oily skin), decreased skin elasticity (a natural part of aging) and/or increased hair follicle volume 
  1. Your genetics also play a big part in your pore size
  1. When a pore becomes clogged the skin tries to compensate by enlarging it
  1. Sebum (body’s natural oils) is released in our pores, and sweat, dirt, even makeup and dead skin cells can collect there and get blocked in pores (which also makes them appear more prominent)
  1. Pores tend to double in size between the ages of 25-50 and they don’t ever open and close, they can shrink (when cold) or loosen (in heat) pending temperature usually



The short answer is no – they are necessary for producing protective oils. 

However, the good news is, the appearance of pores can be minimised with the right care! 

This most often comes down to:

  • A healthy diet and drinking lots of water to keep your skin and body well hydrated 
  • Regular gentle cleansing (AM & PM) with a skincare routine designed for your skin type 
  • Keeping skin moisturised so it stays plump and smooth is good news for pores
  • Managing oil on the face will also help reduce congestion and appearance of pores
  • Using non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging) skincare and makeup. Some makeup can settle into pores making them appear worse they are, so try to use a pore-minimising primer and “less is more” approach with your coverage
  • Environmental conditions can also clog pores and impact their appearance. Always stay protected with SPF 50+ sunscreen (harmful sun rays dry out your skin and break down anti-aging collagen and elastin skin proteins)
  • You can also temporarily “shrink” and minimise the appearance of pores with specialised skincare products that help reduce sebum build up and stimulate collagen production to refine skin texture around pores




  • Niacinamide (a Vitamin B3 derivative) is a water-soluble vitamin and essential antioxidant nutrient with skin healing properties
  • It combats free radical damage from the environment, builds protein in your skin and stimulates the natural production of collagen 
  • Niacinamide supports your skin barrier and brightens and smooths skin tone whilst hydrating and balancing oil production
  • By absorbing sebum from clogged pores, current breakouts are calmed and future breakouts are reduced
  • It’s great for all skin types, including sensitive, thanks to anti-inflammatory properties


  • This clinically proven antioxidant has anti-inflammatory properties beneficial for reducing acne congestion, skin redness and free radical damage
  • It is also helps reduce the bacteria responsible for inflamed skin and breakouts. All without the irritation and dryness that often comes from harsh acne treatment products

WILLOWBARK (bio-active, cellular extracted)

  • Willowbark is an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredient that helps calm redness, prevent breakouts and naturally dissolve excess oil for a more radiant, clear complexion
  • It exfoliates the dead, dry skin cells from the surface layer of skin which helps reduce the build-up that clogs pores
  • It contains an active called ‘salicin’ which is a similar active to salicylic acid – but a gentler, natural alternative for unclogging congested skin and pores
  • Polyphenols (nutrients found in plants that also help our skin) in willowbark are excellent at helping skin retain moisture and stay hydrated and healthy
  • Because it is rich in antioxidants, it can help protect skin from free radical damage that accelerates premature aging and also from photodamage from the sun (when used with SPF UV protection)
  • The tannins found in willow bark help to constrict tissue which helps tighten pores so they appear smaller and less obvious


  • Hyaluronic acid is an active ingredient known for its powerful ability to bind water to deeply hydrate skin. It is non-greasy, lightweight and has an invisible application
  • It visibly plumps for softer, smoother looking skin and leaves a moisture protective film along the skins surface to support hydration
  • It’s a great ingredient for pores, because healthy, hydrated skin will have less obvious pores

We’ve combined all of these powerful pore reducing ingredients in our Clearing Rescue Serum.

It’s balances oil production and deals head on with the factors that enlarge pores in the first place.  

Clearing Rescue Serum is ideal for all skin types (especially sensitive, dry and even acne prone skin). The formula is non-greasy, soothing and fast-absorbing.




  • This is highly effective at helping draw out impurities and dirt that can clog pores while removing dead skin cells for purified pores
  • It helps balance oil and control breakouts – like a deep cleanse “detox” for your skin 
  • Soothes acne and blemishes and softens skin


  • This gentle clay is rich in beneficial minerals, and its neutral PH makes it ideal for all skin types, especially sensitive
  • We love it mixed with French Green Clay to help reduce irritation and target premature aging concerns 
  • It delicately absorbs excess oil without overdying so your skin will feel softer and cleaner after use

We added these ingredients to our pore reducing Purifying French Green Clay Face Mask It contains all-natural French green clay, white kaolin clay and lavender oil so you can have a purified, glowing complexion with tighter looking pores – yes please!

All skin types can use this mask (if you skin is dry just mix in a little olive oil or another soothing cold pressed oil).

It can be used all over the face (leave space around nostrils, eyes and mouth), or:

  • As a spot treatment
  • Just on areas with enlarged pores (usually nose and cheeks)

You’ll be able to see visible, instant results and your skin will be cleaner and softer with minimised pores.

Zen Botanics is 100% cleancruelty free, vegan and made in Australia without added synthetic fragrances, cheap fillers or heavy irritating preservatives.

We hope this has helped you work out where to start with reducing the appearance of pores and which Australian pore-minimising products can help!

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