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Why this 2022 trending natural ingredient needs to be in your skincare routine

Why this 2022 trending natural ingredient needs to be in your skincare routine

According to the Whole Foods Market Trends Council predictions for 2022, Prickly Pear is one of the top 5 beauty trends in 2022. With known healing properties, this oil is incredibly beneficial to skin more so than any of the other natural oils you have been using! Discover below why you need to be using this latest trending ingredient in your skincare routine!


Prickly pear oil is a natural extract from the prickly pear, a species of cactus with edible fruit. It grows in dry, arid climates in a few regions across the world, and as such, has an amazing self-sufficient hydration and nutrients stores. 

The plant also grows locally in Australia, which is why you may have heard of Australian prickly pear seed oil 

It is a more sustainable choice than most other oils, as the cactus needs next to no water to thrive. 

Although Prickly Pear oil may seem like a relative newcomer in the western world, regions like Mexico and Morocco have known about (and taken advantage of) the rich benefits of the prickly pear for much longer. 

It’s often considered a “superfood” given its wide variety of intense health benefits.

It is one of the most precious oils in the worldSourcing prickly pear seed oil it is a time-consuming process; each fruit contains 100-300 seeds on average, but around 5% oil. That means a massive amount of seeds (around 30kg)  are required to create just one litre of prickly pear seed oil! Seeds are also extracted by hand before cold-pressed to preserve their rich benefits, which takes hours..


Prickly pear seed oil is full of fabulous benefits for all skin typeseven sensitive.

Given it’s intense hydrating properties, prickly pear seed oil is especially beneficial  for thirsty dry or mature skin wanting a more plump, juicy, smoother, brighter appearance.

It is also particularly beneficial for acne or breakout prone skin; in fact, it can help balance excess sebum on oily skin and works to clear congested pores!

Anti-inflammatory properties of prickly pear seed oil also help calm and reduce redness make it ideal for skin experiencing rosacea or hyperpigmentation issues.


Prickly Pear Oil for Hydration

  • Prickly pear oil contains the highest amount of natural Vitamin E of all beauty oils (around 150% more than argan oil, for example)
  • It is intensely hydrating and deeply restorative 
  • Prickly pear seed oil has excellent water-retention abilities to keep skin feeling and looking hydrated for longer

Prickly Pear Oil Supports Skin Health & Aging

  • Prickly pear seed oil also has the highest betalain content (potent antioxidants found in plants). Higher than Acai, or even Goji berries! 
  • This offers protection against skin agers that encourage wrinkle formation
  • The skin-loving amino acids in prickly pear seed oil help promote collagen formation (your body’s own “anti-aging protein”) and helps to restore skin's elasticity
  • Since collagen is needed for strength and volume in skin and connective tissues, but it’s harder for us to form with age, prickly pear seed oil can offer extra support!
  • It also helps reduce and prevent free radical damage that can accelerate signs of premature aging such as fine lines, dark spots and dull skin 

Prickly Pear Oil Improves Skin Tone and Texture

  • The Vitamin E and Vitamin K content in prickly pear are proven to help brighten and improve skin tone and hyperpigmentation with consistent, ongoing use 
  • The combined effects of all of the nutrients in prickly pear seed oil help soften and nourish skin for a more supple, “glowy” appearance
  • This includes minimising those hard-to-banish undereye circles too

Prickly Pear Oil Anti-Inflammatory Effects

  • Inflammation usually contributes to a range of conditions such as rosacea, breakouts and sensitivity
  • A high content of essential fatty acids (including omega 6 and 9) and polyphenols (natural antioxidants) in prickly pear seed oil help to calm skin and reduce redness 

Prickly Pear Oil Promotes Skin Balance 

  • Prickly pear seed oil is antibacterial and non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t contribute to clogging pores 
  • Instead, the linoleic acid it can help clear congestion and reduce (and prevent) breakouts and bring balance to skin and natural oil levels 
  • This also prevents sebum from hardening and blocking pores before pimples begin to even form!



You can find prickly pear oil packed in the Zen Botanics Super Restore Face Oil -formulated to specifically increase your skin's natural repair power, thanks to the high-strength, nutrient-rich formula.

You can expect a clearer, brighter, deeply hydrated, smoother complexion from just 4 supercharged natural ingredients;  

  1. Prickly Pear Seed Oil: Our thirst quenching, deeply hydrating, anti-aging skin saviour – remember, no other oil skin can compare to its incredible antioxidants and Vitamin E & K content!
  1. Bakuchiol: A clinically proven, gentle retinol alternative, without the drying or flaking. It helps protect skin from oxidative stress, smooths fine lines and improves uneven skin texture. Antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory properties from Bakuchiol make Super Restore Oil perfect for reducing appearance of redness, irritation and breakouts.
  1. Blue Tansy: This natural oil helps decongest pores, calm redness, and prevent breakouts by helping control acne-causing bacteria. Blue Tansy is the perfect ingredient for stressed out, irritated skin. 
  1. Squalane: A highly effective antioxidant against free radicals that hydrates and supports skin on a cellular level, and protects skin from premature signs of ageing for a smoother, softer and clearer complexion.

The Zen Botanics Super Restore Oil formula absorbs quickly and feels light and non-greasy. It’s also vegan, cruelty free and free from any chemical or synthetic nasties. 

Whatever your skin type, Super Restore Oil with prickly pear oil is a great choice -especially if you are looking for hydration, radiance,  antioxidant defence or serious rebalancing of skin to reduce breakouts and excess oils as well as reduced appearance of redness. This is one oil your skin will thank you for visible results! 

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