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If there is one big advice that i feel so passionately about to share with anyone about natural skincare, it is this: 


What I'm going to say next may surprise you. A facial oil that is made up of the right oils is FANTASTIC for oily skin! It can actually help balance your skin and the right product with non-comedogenic oils will not clog pores or cause acne!

I admit the thought of applying oils to your face is the last thing you can imagine for oily skin but ever since I started using facial oils, i have never ever looked back.

So why do we have oily skin? There are many reasons - it can be hormonal or it can come down to the cleanser you are using and how often you are stripping your skin dry. 

A harsh cleanser can strip your skin of it's natural oils making your skin compensate by producing more oil and turning it into a vicious cycle. 

Look out for cleansers with harsh detergents and cleansing agents such as 'sulfates

The benefits of facial oils: 

  • They're hydrating, intensive and most have potent antioxidants like Vitamins A, C & E. And for those who don't know how good antioxidants are, they fight against free radical damage.  Free radicals include sun damage and sun damage causes ageing skin. While there is no magical clock to turn back time, we can keep our skin hydrated and keep those sagging skin and wrinkles at bay. Our skin's natural oils decrease with age so it is important to retain moisture in the skin as wrinkles can appear deeper in dry skin. 
  • They're QUALITY. ZERO FILLERS. 100% BOTANICAL INGREDIENTS. Creams contain fillers, preservatives and emulsifiers (to blend oil and water together). Facial oils on the other hand, are complete oils which are designed to pass through the skin's lipid layer, seal and plump it with moisture.
  • EASY TO USE - They can be used on their own or mixed in with your existing moisturiser as a boost. 

David Colbert, a dermatologist who studied the skin-care and anti-aging benefits of face oils for 15 years, shares this handy tip: 

If you apply an oil before your anti-aging cream, the oil molecules behave like tiny Trojan horses, tricking the skin into letting active ingredients (like vitamin C) deeper into the skin. 

All I can say is "it won't happen overnight but it will happen".

Give your skin at least a few weeks for it to regenerate as our skin cells take about a 30 day cycle and I promise you'll see the change that i've seen. I swear by it!

Check out Night Therapy Serum  if you are looking for a great facial oil t- it rates low to zero on the non-comedogenic scale so you don't need to worry about it clogging pores (and causing pimples!). It contains amazing ingredients such as Squalane, lavender, jojoba and camellia oils. 





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