According to Korean beauty expert and co-founder of SoKoGlam, Charlotte Cho in her new book The Little Book of Skin Care: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy Glowing Skin, dewy skin is well sought after in the world of Korean beauty so keeping skin hydrated is a must. 

Keeping your skin from being dry is one of the most important factors in keeping wrinkles at bay. The more dehydrated your skin is, the more likely wrinkles would look pronounced. 

Dehydrated skin may also lead to excess sebum production which leads to oily skin. So drinking lots of water and a good moisturising skin care routine will help keep your skin happy, balanced, hydrated and dewy. 

When i first discovered rose otto hydrosols for our formulations, i was so excited! It was so beautifully fragrant! It gave an energising and cooling sensation on my skin and I knew i just had to work with this ingredient.

There are various brands of rose hydration mists marketed as the healthier alternative to face toners and also as a makeup setting spray - what you may not know is that there is a difference in the quality of these Hydration Mists.

Some are diluted with fillers (eg. Water) and some contain alot of synthetic chemical preservatives which can affect your skin if you are sensitive to irritations. 

However the biggest difference in hydration mists come from the quality and type of Rose Water used.

Some manufacturers use 'Rose Water' while others use 'Rose Hydrosol'. 

So what is the difference between Rose Water & Rose Hydrosol?

Rose Water is a cheaper ingredient than Rose Hydrosols and can be described as simply water scented/distilled with essential oils - like infused water. 

Rose Hydrosols on the other hand, are especially produced for quality and more likely to retain skin beneficial minerals and offer mild aromatherapeutic benefits. 

The rose hydrosol we use is "food grade" and USDA certified organic Bulgarian Rose Otto Hydrosol that is analyzed and certified by National Laboratory "BulRose" (see: which is the new European controlling body for Bulgarian Rose oil).

Rose hydrosols also contains rose otto essential oil content of between 0.08% to 0.12%.

This is extra vital to know given just 5ml of pure rose otto essential oil retails for over $260. 

Check out our best selling Rose Hydration Mist - the easiest way to introduce yourself to a little aromatherapy and a beautiful and healthy alternative to your conventional toner.


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