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Let’s talk about hydration.

If you have dry, mature and sensitive skin, we recommend two essentials: a hyaluronic acid serum and hydration mist to help draw and lock in moisture to keep fine lines, flakiness and extra irritation at bay. 

Both these products work differently. Don’t expect them to behave like each other or to substitute for one another in your skincare routine.

Hyaluronic acid works by pulling water into your skin and locking it there. Apply a hyaluronic acid serum on damp skin to draw in moisture and seal in with a facial oil for maximum glow. 

However, as your skin can be exposed to drying climates, air conditioning and general dehydration that can happen throughout the day, a HYDRATION MIST is essential to refresh while keeping skin hydrated and protected from the elements.

A hydration mist is your go-to for spritzing throughout the day. Not to mention, it helps set makeup naturally and does the same job as a make-up setting spray (we kid you not!). 

Hydration mists works by MAINTAINING skin hydration on your skin's surface. Not all hydration mists are the same. Look for hydration mists that:

  • Have main ingredient as rose hydrosol - Not rose water (cheaper kind vs. rose hydrosol which has essential oil properties and benefits)
  • Alcohol free -  Alcohol is a common ingredient in toners and are an effective preservative boost but can be irritating to skin especially if your skin is on the dry and sensitive. 
  • Contain humectants to draw in moisture - Examples are hyaluronic acid or glycerin. Your hydration mist may still contain some glycerin in it if it contains botanical extracts (check with the manufacturer) as some extracts are glycerin-based.

Many of our customers that have come to us for their dry skin concerns have found combining a hydration mist throughout the day and a hyaluronic acid serum sealed in with a facial oil morning and night  can really help boost skin moisture levels. 

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