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There is no denying that times are calling for us to be more careful with our spending and how we choose the skincare products to purchase.

Here are 5 things to consider when choosing a good skincare product so you can truly enjoy all the benefits in your moment of self-care!

      1. Natural does not mean no irritations - This is the most common misconception as some essential oils and oils do not agree with your skin. Coconut oil is a huge favourite for saving skin but on your face, it can clog pores. Even essential oils like can disrupt your skin if you have sensitive skin. So treat your 'natural' and ‘clean’ skincare product as you would with a 'chemical' one and patch test if you are wary.
      2. Read the ingredients label - READ your labels. REALLY read them. It is a legal requirement for ingredients to be listed in order of the actual amount contained in the product so a good 'general' rule of thumb is to spot the first 3-5 ingredients. This does not apply to active ingredients like hyaluronic acid for example (which can only work at a maximum of 1%) and essential oils (which can be dangerous at high concentrations of above 2-3%). While not everyone has the time to research ingredients, it can really pay off to understand your ingredients and the benefits you are specifically seeking. If you have sensitive or irritated skin, you may want to skip added parabens and synthetic preservatives along with certain active ingredients like Vitamin C and retinols etc. 
      3. Consider the packaging and how you will apply them -  Products with active and more delicate ingredients need to be packaged well. Dark amber bottles and jars prevent oxidisation that can happen from sunlight but you may get away with this if you keep them in a dark cabinet. Also consider how you will apply the product and if contamination will happen. Jars have wide openings so they are exposed to a significant amount of air and you are dipping your fingers into the product.
      4. What are the values of the brand that go beyond the product?Does the brand consistently put out good products that get great, real and authentic customer reviews? Is your brand a transparent brand? Do they list their ingredients and would their customer service team help you if you question their products? What are the values of the brand that goes beyond the actual product? Your purchase is ultimately supporting the business so it's great to know what kind of things your money is going to. 
      5. Be realistic with your expectations - Most skincare products for the daily regimen do not give results straight away so be realistic and patient when you choose a good skincare product in the results you require. Your skin cells takes roughly 28 days to renew so give it some time before you can expect to see the real benefits of your skincare product

Hope the above was helpful! 

What are some of your tips for choosing a good skincare product?

Let us know in the comments below!

Check out our ABOUT US and PRODUCT ETHOS page if you would like to know more about Zen Botanics and our emphasis on formulating high performing, clean skincare that can benefit you. 




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