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Do you follow shelf life or 'period after opening' dates on your skincare product?

Do you follow shelf life or 'period after opening' dates on your skincare product?

All skincare products have a shelf life. Especially ones with natural ingredients. the longer your product expiry date, the more the preservatives.

We often get asked why our products change colour from batch to batch. The answer is simply due to the natural ingredients. 

All Zen Botanics contain a high concentration of natural ingredients. Our oils and serums contain potent antioxidants that protect against oxidative stress and neutralise free radicals to support brighter healthier looking skin. Even though  some of these ingredients are in small percentages, these ingredients are incredibly potent. 

The essential oils, botanical extracts and cold pressed plant/nut oils we use can vary in colour and scent from batch to batch from our suppliers. No two plants when picked are identical! There is always some kind of variation when working with natural ingredients. 

We do not add any additional chemical modifiers or stabilisers that alter cosmetic appearance and don't do anything for your skin.

Your skincare product may oxidise and darken with time but will still remain effective. A good that your Zen Botanics product has the beauty of truly natural ingredients! 

To maintain potency of ingredients and prolong shelf life, please keep your skincare product away from direct sunlight and heat although there is no need to store in fridge. 

We recommend a:

  • 3 month period after opening for all water based serums - Clearing Rescue Serum, Rejuvenating Eye Serum and Super Hydrator. 
  • 6 month period after opening for all other oils and creams - Age Defy oil (3-6M), Balancing Face Oil, Simply Squalane and Night Therapy Oil.


Variation is completely normal in natural skincare products. Of course, please discontinue use if your product smells FUNKY.

We are happy to answer any questions you have about shelf life, colour, scent etc. Please drop us a question here anytime to


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