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She specialises in the areas of financial planning, investing and social media content creation.

She love to cook, am obsessed with the ocean and love to share the message of positivity, abundance and health.

She believe in trying new things, saying yes to scary things and no things that bring little fulfilment.

Her favourite person in the whole world is her grandmother and my spirit animal is an elephant (I can come across obnoxious like that)


Q & A's with Katie Peticoch and Annie Lau

A: Thanks for joining the chatroom Katie! We've known each-other a while back and i've watched your success over the years. How did you get into doing what you are doing now?

K: I went into financial planning because I won a debate with a financial planner, stupidly thought I knew better than him and voila, 2 years later I was licensed and giving advice. It was not as easy as I thought so I am glad I was that stupid.
I started creating content for social media when I started doing makeup gigs on weekends and clients/friends would ask me makeup questions. It was just easier to create content once & share it than answering the same Qs over and over.

I'd love to know what's next? Are you working on something that you are super excited about?

K: Mostly content for my YouTube channels (I am working on a new joint entrepreneurial one) so keep an eye out.

A: You're a great influence on social media - What do you contribute to your success in gaining social media influence?

K: I think most influencers gain a following when they add value, when they listen to their audience, are their genuine selves and have a message that is inspirational, positive and interesting.

A: You definitely share you passion on healthy eating and a positive mindset - What is your own go to for keeping healthy?

K: For me, it all starts with my mind. My mind and thoughts are more powerful than anything physical, so until I truly understand why health is important, and what health is to me, it would be hard to talk about the ‘hows’.

In order for me to fulfil my purpose in touching others in a positive way and living an abundant life, I have to thrive physically, for me it is keeping my mind, body and spirit healthy by learning daily, eating abundantly and being around nature.

A: I've found it really easy to drink my health/super foods than to eat it. What is your favourite drink?

K: I love all all drinks really! Though every morning I have a green smoothie though so I guess green smoothie it is!

A: What is your beauty philosophy?

Beauty to me is skin deep, until our actions, thoughts and impact are beautiful, our physical form will struggle to be.

Until I learnt what real beauty is, I struggled to love myself and care for myself enough to see any results physically.

I think when you embody love and spread and share love, you will be universally beautiful.

A: Totally agree - The mindset first. The older I am, the more awareness and self-confidence I have and that translates to beauty definitely. What has been your face skincare/makeup go to?

K: I’ve always moisturised my skin since a teen and really do believe that is what has prevented me from having premature wrinkles, I believe keeping our skin moisturised makes the biggest difference and could not go one day without a nice hydrating moisturiser.
When it comes to makeup, I am a brow and lash girl, give me a brow pencil and some mascara and let’s go to this deserted island..

A: Lastly, I'm excited to see what you have planned in your journey - Do you see yourself doing this for a long time? Which direction will you be heading?

K: I’ve always loved connecting and helping people and could not see myself stopping. I want to head in a direction that enables my business to be completely online so that I can live anywhere around the world and still be able to empower people to embrace their financial situation, inspire them to live more abundantly and with more health and vitality and give them to tools to fulfil their dreams.




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