Reusable, silicone eye patches

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Fight appearance of crow's feet, under eye wrinkles, bags, puffiness and dark circles by instantly refreshing your skin with 100% medical grade silicone eye patches. 

Silicone eye patches work by sitting around your eye contour area.

Medical grade silicone is known to help prevent transepidermal water loss by locking in moisture to support your skin's natural ability to hydrate the skin.

It works effectively while you sleep and in the morning while you are getting ready for the day.


- 100% thick medical grade silicone material - very comfortable
– Easy to clean with water and soap to maintain adhesiveness
– Use for 2-3 weeks (and longer depending on care taken)

*These patches come minimally packaged without instructions -  please refer to the next tab for instructions.


Step 1 - Applying in the evening (or morning while getting ready) on clean skin free from oils. You can apply Rejuvenating Eye Serum 30 mins prior as our eye serum is oil-free. Skin must be completely clean and free from anything oily that can affect adhesiveness.

Step 2 -
 Leave on overnight or for as long as you want (minimum half hour). 

Step 3 - Stick them back onto the packaging that your patches came in. Wash every few days with soap and water to refresh adhesiveness.