Makeup Removal Pads x 3 pack

A sustainable, eco friendly alternative to single use makeup removal wipes - these convenient oval shaped makeup removal pads are super soft and effective for both EYE makeup and FACE makeup removal. 

These pads are 11 x 9cm each and have a microfibre absorbance 7 x higher than that of traditional towels. They are completely reusable, washable and helps remove makeup with ease. 

Soft microfiber material to help nurture even most sensitive skin.

Wash after each use and weekly machine wash in delicates/laundry bag to maintain.

1. Using warm water to wet the Makeup Removal Pad, making sure it soaks up the water.
2. Remove makeup in a circular motion 
3. Flip Makeup Removal Pad over and continue until all makeup is removed.
4. Wash Pad with some soap lathered (our Cleanse Bar is ideal for this too) right after use. Weekly machine wash (throw into your delicates wash bag) to maintain and keep stain free.