Simply Squalane Face Oil 15ml

The holy grail of all face oils, Squalane oil is compatible for all skin types from dry to sensitive to oily and acne prone.


  • Squalane is extremely fast absorbing and penetrates right into the skin which means it works extremely well as a moisturiser to instantly soften and smooth skin.
  • The texture of Squalane is one that is easy to love because it doesn't feel greasy, glides like silk and is odourless.
  • The Squalane we use is derived from olives which is is known to help prevent UV damage on skin, speed healing of skin and an extremely beneficial ingredient for eczema, psoriasis and delicate & sensitive skin.
  • Even at a concentration of 2%, Squalane is known to be effective in formulations. We have made Squalane available at 100% pure concentration 




100% Olive Squalane. Nothing else added for full efficacy and maximum concentration



Apply as a treatment/moisturiser in the AM or PM. Rollerball application to increase circulation.



15 ml glass roller bottle



Recycle glass bottle (rip off label) / Return lid and roller top to us for terracycling