Zen Botanics Moss Agate Gua Sha (Previously Rose Quartz Gua Sha)

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Improve skin tone, facial lift, reduce facial puffiness and promote lymphatic drainage for a glowing complexion with this beautiful gua sha tool in new and improved better design with grooved edges. 

Made from 100% pure natural moss agate, a beautiful dark green stone with hues of gold and white. Moss agate is a stunning stone that is known to encourage calming of anxiety, govern energy flow through the body and emotional balance. 

Gua Sha has been used as a Chinese facial massage technique for centuries to help improve blood circulation by scraping and stimulating the muscles along the contours of your face.

This technique helps release facial tension which can cause wrinkles and fine lines. As it is naturally cold, it can be incredibly soothing on skin to help de-puff.. 

When combined with your fave facial oil, gua sha encourages deeper penetration of nutrients into your skin.

Please note that the gua sha you receive may vary from the picture shown. Each gua sha is unique with its own beautiful patterns and colours. Comes with a canvas pouch for storage.


 Details / Usage

    Gua Sha Benefits:

    • Promote lymphatic drainage
    • Reduce appearance of puffiness 
    • Improve skin elasticity
    • Relax facial tension 
    • Activate blood circulation to promote skin rejuvenation


    • Scrape over clean skin daily that has a face oil applied to help glide over your skin easily
    • Glide/scrape the gua sha tool over your skin from centre to outwards direction along the contours of your face

    *Comes in a canvas pouch for storage