Zen Botanics Makeup Removal Pads x 3 pack with washbag

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Easily remove layers of heavy makeup, dirt, stubborn sunscreen, cleansing oil and face masks with our Zen Botanics reusable makeup removal pads. 

These makeup removal pads are a sustainable, eco friendly alternative to single use makeup removal wipes.

They are durable, super soft, double sided and easily lifts away impurities and residues on your skin without the need to scrub. The soft microfibre material helps nurture even most sensitive skin.

These pads are roughly 11.5cm in diameter and have an inner premium sponge core. They are the perfect size for your face - not too large or small.

Having a pack of three allows you to have one in use while the others are in the wash. 

Wash after each use and weekly machine was in the delicates/laundry washbag provided to maintain. 


1. Using warm water to wet the Makeup Removal Pad, making sure it soaks up the water.
2. Remove makeup in a circular motion 
3. Flip Makeup Removal Pad over and continue until all makeup is removed.
4. Wash Pad with some soap lathered (our Cleanse Bar is ideal for this too) right after use. Weekly machine wash (throw into your delicates wash bag) to maintain and keep stain free.