Soft and Smooth Bundle - Dry / flaking / Dehydrated Skin (SAVE 25% OFF)

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If your skin is feeling tight, dry, itchy and flaking or peeling, here is our recommended routine featuring our fave tried and tested hydrating picks to leave your skin soft, smooth and hydrated. 

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      1. SPA HEADBAND ($9.95 VALUE) - Keep your hair out of your face while you mask, cleanse, put on makeup or for an intense workout. The elastic material is comfortable, connected via velcro and suitable for all head sizes. 

        MAKEUP REMOVAL PAD (SINGLE) ($8.95 VALUE) - Wipe away makeup, heavy SPF and oils with this powerful, effective yet gentle microfibre pad in perfect large round shape to suit both EYE and FACIAL MAKEUP removal. To keep this removal pad white and clean, rub our facial cleanse bar on it then work into a lather it and rinse for a clean pad ready for next use (or throw in your laundry bag in your washing machine). Single 1x makeup removal pad only. 

      2. STEP 2 PINK CLAY AND SHEA CLEANSE BAR $15.95 VALUE - Wash off residue from oil cleanser with a mild cleanse bar free from harsh detergents, synthetic fragrances and sulfates that can wreak havoc on skin. 
      3. STEP 3 BULGARIAN ROSE HYDRATION MIST WITH PENTAVITIN® $38.95 VALUE - Spritz to restore balance and hydrate throughout the day. Organic Bulgarian rose hydrosol with revolutionary hydrating ingredient Pentavitin®, helps instantly hydrate, improve skin barrier and provide deep long lasting hydration.
      4. STEP 4 CLEARING RESCUE SERUM $54.95 VALUE - A soothing, hydrating serum to hydrate, brighten and reduce appearance of blemishes, redness and dullness with all star ingredients - Niacinimide (known to help strengthen skin barrier), Licorice Root, Hyaluronic Acid and Canadian WillowherbTM.
      5. STEP 5 DREAM CREAM) $44.95 VALUE - A hydrating yet lightweight moisturising cream that melts and absorbs beautifully with calming effect. Hydrating ingredients of olive squalane, shea butter, jojoba oil and glycerine help skin retain moisture for smooth skin.
      6. STEP 6 BALANCING FACIAL OIL $49.95 VALUEA soothing facial oil to bring essential fatty acids necessary for replenishing skin. Non-low comedogenic oils including olive squalane to restore balance and hydrate. Lavender, blue tansy and geranium essential oils known for their anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help soothe redness and calm irritations.


  • Save 25% OFF individual product prices
  • Free shipping and makeup removal pad 
  • Cruelty free, vegan ingredients. Free from fragrances, non-eco certified preservatives, parabens, sulfates and cheap mineral oil or filler ingredients

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