Treat Me Bundle

This clean beauty bundle has everything you need for glowing skin while actively reducing your exposure to nasty toxins. Clean ingredients in skincare go much more than surface level! 

Every product has been carefully selected to work in harmony together and supports dry, sensitive and oily-acne-prone skin concerns. 

This also ships free!



    1. STEP 1 (EXFOLIATING PINK CLAY MASK) $26.95 VALUE - A weekly exfoliation and clay mask session is a must to help scrub away dead skin cells and decongest skin for a brighter complexion.
    2. STEP 2 (SUPER HYDRATOR) $44.95 VALUE - In one of the cleanest hyaluronic acid serum formulations on the market, this is your absolute oil-free go-to product to soothe and plump in moisture while reducing appearance of facial redness.
    3. STEP 3 (AGE DEFY FACIAL OIL) $64.95 VALUE - A powerhouse product to fight all the signs of ageing - dullness, uneven skin tone and improved skin appearance with super stabilised Vitamin C, clinically proven natural retinol alternative bakuchiol and antioxidant rich blueberry seed oil. 
    4. STEP 4 (ROSE QUARTZ FACIAL ROLLER) $29.95 VALUE - Finish your skincare regimen with a facial massage with this stunning rose quartz roller to encourage deeper penetration of nutrients into your skin while reducing puffiness and promote lymphatic drainage



  • Save 25% OFF the regular price with this bundle together 
  • Get free shipping
  • All reusable, recyclable premium glass packaging 
  • Cruelty free, vegan ingredients. Free from synthetic fragrances, non-eco certified preservatives, parabens, sulfates and cheap mineral oil or filler ingredients
  • Products carefully selected so you can expect results and feel the difference of a clean skincare routine


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