NOTHING TO HIDE Clear PVC Transparent Shopper Bag

How many times have you had to take forever just searching for things in your bag? 

Our NOTHING TO HIDE bag is a clear PVC shopper bag for random essentials. 

You see exactly what goes in and what you are grabbing. You know what you have packed without opening it.  

It can withstand wet swimwear, dirt, grease and stains (yes, even baby essentials). 

Just rinse or wipe and hang dry!

For those selective on privacy, just throw your existing bag into this tote bag to protect it from sand, and water. This bag is as handy and versatile as you make it. 



30*50 (including the strap)


 Re-usable forever. 

We are currently phasing out plastics as much as possible - this tote is currently at a discounted price while stocks last as we will no longer be restocking this tote. HURRY!