Clay Mask - Exfoliating Pink Clay

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A powerful yet gentle pink clay mask that doubles as an exfoliating scrub to cleanse and exfoliate away dead skin cells to reveal a brighter complexion.

French Pink Clay helps draw out impurities and unclog pores while Adzuki beans gently buff away dead skin cells and boost circulation, leaving your skin soft, smooth and radiant looking.

Adzuki beans contain natural foaming agents called saponins that help remove impurities making it a wonderful ingredient for oily and acne prone skin concerns. 

Ideal for all skin concerns including dry, sensitive and irritated skin.

Visible results instantly - skin will appear cleaner, softer and pores visibly cleaner (even smaller looking!)


Ingredients / Usage / Packaging


French pink clay, white kaolin clay, organic adzuki beans, geranium essential oil 



Mix into a paste with a few drops of water slowly. Lightly apply to clean skin. Leave on until just dry. Remove with warm water to reveal a radiant, clean and glowing appearance.



55 grams net weight in glass bottle with aluminium lid



Reuse or recycle everything as part of your household recycling program / Rip off seal from underneath the lid and recycle aluminium lid