Double Cleanse Bundle

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The ultimate double cleanse bundle to give you the best clean without stripping your skin dry. 


STEP 1 - GENTLE DEEP CLEANSING OIL ($44.95 VALUE) - This oil cleanser does the heavy lifting by dissolving away impurities and heavy layers of makeup and SPF sunscreen without stripping your skin dry of its natural oils.

STEP 2- 1x MAKEUP REMOVAL PAD ($7.95 VALUE) - Wipe away makeup and oil cleanser with this powerful, effective yet gentle microfibre pad in perfect OVAL shape to suit both EYE and FACIAL MAKEUP removal. To keep this removal pad white and clean, rub our facial cleanse bar on it then work into a lather it and rinse for a clean pad ready for next use (or throw in your laundry bag in your washing machine). 

STEP 3- FACIAL CLEANSE BAR ($15.95 VALUE) - Follow with our Facial Cleanse Bar - a mild and fragrance free cleanse bar to wash off remains and residue while leaving your skin freshly clean and smooth. 

As waterproof makeup, layers of foundation and SPF are designed to stay on your skin, this double cleanse method will cut through them layer by layer so you are able to remove pore-clogging impurities effectively without drying your skin out. 

Your first oil cleanse will help your second cleanser work its magic on your skin more effectively as you are not relying on one cleanser with heavy ingredients to do all the hard work which can wreak havoc on your skin barrier!

This leaves your skin cleaner and for better product absorption as well as reduced congestion/breakouts. 

Clean, balanced skin is the essential foundation for glowing skin!



  • Save 20% OFF the regular price with this bundle together 
  • Cruelty free, vegan ingredients. Free from synthetic fragrances, non-eco certified preservatives, parabens, sulfates and cheap mineral oil or filler ingredients
  • Low maintenance skincare products carefully selected for ease of use and maximum results.


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