June 27, 2017

Who agrees that your daily skin routine should be simple, effective and efficient?

I remember at one stage the amount of skincare products I had accumulated was ridiculous.

Just look at the number of products in a typical female’s bathroom versus a male’s bathroom.

I was buying products that were only able to be used for one purpose, which resulted in a bathroom cabinet filled with so many, many products - most I was too lazy to even use. 

In today’s post, I highlight my 4 favourite multi-tasking products which can help you simplify your skincare routine. 

I've selected these based on my experience in using them and alot of people have come back to me with their positive reviews on them. 


 Bulgarian Rose Hydration Mist 


I promise this is one of those products you wonder how you ever lived your life without. Instead of going for a more expensive and intensive moisturizer, add a spritz of rose hydration mist to tone and hydrate after cleansing.  

It’s the queen of versatility – use it during the day to refresh your complexion or spritz it on your makeup sponge as a boost.

My absolute favourite way to use Bulgarian Rose Hydration Mist?  Spritz as the final step in your makeup routine to lock and set your makeup with a wonderful glow. 


Rosehip and Jojoba Beauty Balm 


This balm doubles as a makeup melt oil cleansing balm, and a moisturizer. To use as a moisturizer, apply on dry patches where needed. I find the slightly herbal and warming orange scent helps calm me at the end of the day, 'zenning' my experience! 


Activated Charcoal Facial Cleanse Bar

This is not your average bar of soap filled with synthetic ingredients and additives.

The old school bar soap is back and the natural formulation of good fats and oils are gentle enough for daily face use, and also on your body. 

It doubles as a face/body wash for your husband/boyfriend (or any male figure in your life!)


Simply Squalane Oil 

This handy rollerball bottle can be used all over your face as a non-greasy moisturiser alone.

I love that this is odourless and invisible so it's perfect for anywhere, anytime. 

It can be applied as a treatment before your lotion/cream moisturiser to boost the goodness or rolled on specific areas of concern such as around the sensitive eye area.

Natural olive squalane is a highly compatible ingredient which makes it easy to mix or blend with your existing skincare products.



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